Sunday, 24 July 2011

Celebrity Endorsement!

My beautiful friend Karly Ashworth will be the 1st face of my new Salon Professional extension range! Karly has recently started her own business KASH make-up artistry and as you can see from the image above she is exceptionally talented. She is white blonde and this is always the colour that gives Extensionists the most trouble. Trying to hide bonds in transparent hair is not easy. This is exactly why she is going to be a perfect example to showcase my range. The bonds are going to my so small and seamless that even the lightest hair colours will be able to wear them. Well...that's the aim.

The first batch arrives in two weeks so Karly will be back at JUM for the first ever fitting of these extensions. We will follow this up with a promotional shoot with resident JUM photographer and friend Sam Brill!

Exciting times!!

Love and Blondie locks, Your Hair Queen J xxx

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  1. celebrity endorsements are sure shot in most countries as so many want to be them, feel a closeness to them and the more we see them the more we know them and want to have what they have.